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Musings of a Rabid Fangirl

& Such.

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About Me Ashley. Goes by Aly. 20. Fangirl Extraordinare (CAPSLOCKS INCLUDED!1!). Geek. 50/50 Introvert/Extrovert. Opinionated. Passionate Rambler.
My Journal Current Loves: Stargate: Atlantis. Stargate: SG1. Battlestar Galactica. How I Met Your Mother. Dollhouse. The X-Files. Farscape.

Old Loves: The West Wing. NCIS. Buffy: The Vampire Slayer. Angel. Firefly. Star Trek: The Next Generation. Sanctuary. House MD. X-Men.

Casual Affairs: 30 Rock. Californication. The Daily Show. The Twilight Zone.
Character Idols: Laura Roslin. Elizabeth Weir. Dana Scully. CJ Cregg. Jack O'Neill. Samantha Carter. Beverly Crusher.

OTPs: Adama♥Roslin. Mulder♥Scully. Jack♥Sam. Daniel♥Vala. John♥Elizabeth.

Ships: Lee♥Kara. Tigh♥Ellen. Josh♥Donna. CJ♥Toby. Spike♥Buffy. Angel♥Cordelia. Giles♥Anya. Wesley♥Fred. Barney♥Robin. Mal♥Inara. Picard♥Crusher. Logan♥Ororo. John♥Aeryn.
I love adding friends, but if you just add my I'm going to assume it's for fanfiction and not friendship. If you comment on my FO post I'd be happy to add you back. :)

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